You Can Achieve So Much

Just going to share a little story about one of my former clients.

I know she’s a little shy about this kinda stuff so I’m going to call her… Julie.

So I first had an email off Julie in early 2014.

She was in a bad way, her energy levels were awful, she had digestion problems, trouble sleeping, wasn’t very mobile, struggled to concentrate and was very weak.

I went to Julie’s house to meet her for the first time.

She was a lovely women, she was in a bit of a bad way but she was determined. After just spending 10 mins with her I knew she was going to succeed.

She had a successful business, she was very switched on but she had let her health suffer over the last few years and finally decided to take action.

So for the first 4 weeks we didn’t exercise, we just concentrated on Julie’s diet. She had signed up for my Nutritional Package.

I met her once a week to talk about nutrition and guide her through a detox diet I had put her on. I noticed a difference with her each week. She was losing weight (which was never the primary goal), feeling more energetic, digestions problems were getting better plus she was sleeping better.

After 4 weeks I started her on one of my personal training packages.

She signed up for 12 weeks. Training twice a week.

She came off the detox diet after 4 weeks but stuck to a lot of the principles of the diet. We just allowed some more carbs and the occasional treats to come in.

Fitness wise Julie struggled at first. She told me she hadn’t ran since school and had never done any resistance training before.

By the end of the 12 weeks Julie was honestly like a different person.

She gave me everything in the 16 weeks from the first time I met her to the end of the 12 week PT package.

The changes she made:

  • 10.5 kg weight loss
  • Lost 7% body fat
  • Smashed all of her fitness scores
  • Improved upper body strength
  • Better sleeping pattern
  • Improved concentration and energy levels
  • No more digestion problems

This also had a majorly positive effect on her business and home life. Her husband (who I never met) also followed some of the advice I had given Julie and has lost over 2 stone himself!

Julie was also running once a week and I met up for a game of badminton with her once a week!

What she achieved in such a short space of time was brilliant.

She said it changed her life.

I believe anyone with the right mindset and following the right advice can achieve so much more than they think.

You just have to start.

You see this exercise business isn’t all about losing weight to look good. It can be life changing, improving health should always be the reason to start exercising and eating well. As a personal trainer I like to think I offer one hell of a lot more than just being able to beast my clients a couple of times a week, this was more than that and the results as you’ve just read can be life changing.

Hope this has inspired you!

Jamie Stedman

PS This all started with a detox for ‘Julie’, I’ve now designed an online 14 day detox course which is available for just £19.99 follow the link for more info


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