10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Quick fire email. How many of these are you guilty of? All 10 of these if done too often can stop you from losing weight. 1. Over Treating – Not every workout or task deserves a treat. If you’ve walked half an hour you don’t need a dessert as a reward for it! 2. Not […]

Are You Having Too Much Of The White Stuff?

Hello, I wonder what first sprang to mind with today’s subject? That depends on your state of mind I think!! The reason I (plus many more) believe that people are overweight today (as well as when trying to lose weight) is because of the white stuff. Carbohydrates. Not all carbs. We need carbohydrates for energy […]

23 Lbs Off (And She Didn’t Even Join For Weight Loss)

January brought a lovely lady called Cath to my gym. She contacted me earlier in the year and told me that she’d recently gotten over a really bad back injury last year and wanted to start exercising again to strengthen the back. Cath after a major operation had been bed bound for months last year […]