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"In order to succeed, we must first believe we can"

Nikos Karantzakis

23 Lbs Off (And She Didn’t Even Join For Weight Loss)

January brought a lovely lady called Cath to my gym. She contacted me earlier in the year and told me that she’d recently gotten over a really bad back injury last year and wanted to start exercising again to strengthen the back. Cath after a major operation had been bed bound for months last year […]

My Reasons For Not Liking Diets

Here we go again!!! I hate short term unsustainable diets. In most cases they’re a waste of time. A little story from a while back: I was training not so long ago with a client, she’s been doing great with her exercise but like most people has found sticking to the nutritional side of things a […]

Maybe It’s Time For A New Approach?

A positive subject subject today. I hope my posts aren’t too negative but a lot of them can be a bit like ‘Don’t do this’, ‘Don’t eat that’. ‘Never eat that’. Sooooo Today I just wanted to talk about my favourite thing (exercise) and why exercise is so fantastic. If you were told there was a […]